Church of the Redeemer

At the turn of the first millennium the Armenian capital of Ani was a great metropolis, praised as "the city of 1,001 churches." Now, most of these buildings have disappeared or are severely damaged. The lab's Ani project foresees a series of reconstructions of Ani's churches. The first to be restored is the centrally planned Church of the Redeemer (S. Arak'eal).

Name of site Church of the Redeemer
Location Ani, Turkey
Date represented in model ca. 1000 A.D.
Scientific Committee Diane Favro (UCLA)
Modeler(s) Philip Stinson
File format MultiGen Creator
Status of project Completed
Comments and Links In addition to the MultiGen model, renderings have been made with Lightscape in order to study lighting effects at various times of the day and days of the year.
Last update of this table May 10, 2003

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