Rome's largest amphitheater, the Colosseum has long been a symbol of Roman civilization. This model, which is part of UCLA's Rome Reborn project, presents all the known details of the building, inside and out. It depicts the evolution of the building from its opening in 80 A.D. until the last gladiatorial combats were held here in the early fifth century.

Name of site The Colosseum (Flavian Amphitheater)
Location Rome, Italy
Date represented in model ca. 80 A.D. (phase 1); 400 A.D. (late-antique phase)
Scientific Committee Lynn Lancaster (Ohio University), Mark Wilson Jones (Bath University), Heinz Beste (German Archaeological Institute, Rome), Diane Favro (UCLA), Bernard Frischer (UCLA)
Modeler(s) Dean Abernathy
File format MultiGen Creator
Status of project Phase 1 completed; late-antique phase in progress
Comments and Links The model has switches showing the geometry of the design and the various circulation routes from the entrances to the seating.
Last update of this table May 10, 2003

Elevation Elevation

Exterior Perspective Interior Perspective
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