Forum of Julius Caesar

Conceived by Julius Caesar in the 50s B.C., completed by Augustus and remodeled in the second and fourth centuries A.D., the Forum of Julius Caesar was the first extension of the Roman Forum into the area that within a century was filled by other "imperial" fora. This project, jointly undertaken by the University of Caen, the University of Lecce, and UCLA, shows the Forum of Caesar in its late-antique phase and is part of UCLA's Rome Reborn Project.

Name of site Forum of Julius Caesar
Location Rome
Date represented in model ca. 400 A.D.
Scientific Committee Carla Amici (University of Lecce), Diane Favro (UCLA), Philippe Fleury (University of Caen), Bernard Frischer (UCLA), Cairoli Giuliani (University of Rome), Paolo Liverani (Vatican Museums), Françoise Lecocq (University of Caen), Russell Scott (Bryn Mawr College)
Modeler(s) Monica De Simone
File format MultiGen Creator
Status of project In progress
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Last update of this table May 10, 2003

View of the Forum of Caesar
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