Northern Stables

On the northern end of the important Biblical site of Megiddo a structure was unearthed whose original function is unclear. The purpose of this project is to reconstruct the structure and to test the hypothesis that it was used as a stable for horses. The project was undertaken in conjunction with Tel Aviv University and the Pennsylvania State University. Chair of the Scientific committee is Megiddo excavator Israel Finkelstein, whose recent book, The Bible Unearthed (New York 2000), deals extensively with the site.

Name of site Northern Stables
Location Megiddo
Date represented in model Ninth century B.C.
Scientific Committee Israel Finkelstein (Tel Aviv University), Anne Killebrew (Pennsylvania State University)
Modeler(s) Dean Abernathy
File format MultiGen Creator
Status of project Completed
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Elevation Elevation

Exterior Perspective Interior Perspective
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