Port Royal

The famous pirate colony, Port Royal was one of England's largest foundations in the New World when it was destroyed by earthquake on June 7th, 1692. The project entails a complete reconstruction of the buildings excavated by Texas A&M in the 1980s as well as a restoration of the street plan of the entire city. The unexcavated parts of the town have been speculatively rebuilt based on the surviving evidence of maps, views, and property records. The model is to be used as a compelling visual resource at the Ocean Institute (Dana Point, California) to help to recontextualize artifacts found by Texas A&M and currently on display in a gallery of the Institute.

Name of site Port Royal
Location Jamaica (near modern Kingston)
Date represented in model ca. 1692 A.D.
Scientific Committee Laurel Breece (Long Beach City College), Harry Helling (Ocean Institute), Natalie Tirrell (UCLA)
Modeler(s) Natalie Tirrell
File format MultiGen Creator
Status of project Completed
Comments and Links For a related Web site, see: http://nautarch.tamu.edu/portroyal/
Last update of this table May 10, 2003

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