Villa of the Mysteries

Substantial ruins of the Villa of the Mysteries, including many famous second and third style wall paintings, survive just outside the urban area of Roman Pompeii. The residential rooms of the villa were oriented toward the sea, whereas the working areas stood toward the rear of the property facing the town. Originally built in the second century B.C., villa was remodeled in ca. 60 B.C. and again in the mid first century A.D. The Villa of the Mysteries Project is jointly sponsored by UCLA and the University of Bologna. Its goal is to create a virtual restoration of this important example of villa architecture on the Bay of Naples.

Name of site Villa of the Mysteries
Location Pompeii
Date represented in model Late 70s A.D.
Scientific Committee Daniela Scagliarini (University of Bologna), Bernard Frischer (UCLA)
Modeler(s) Philip Stinson, Raffaele Sciavullo
File format MultiGen Creator
Status of project In progress
Comments and Links In addition to the MultiGen model of the complete structure, a Lightscape radiosity rendering of cubiculum 16 has been made to permit study the illumination of the room by lamplight.
Last update of this table May 10, 2003

Interior Perspective, Cubiculum 16
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