Research Topics

The Lab actively pursues research in several areas of digital archaeology, including, e.g.:

  • replicable 3D modeling methodology
  • digital surveying and laser scanning of monuments
  • technical and scientific standards for 3D modeling
  • metadata appropriate for 3D models
  • database design for storing and retrieving 3D models
  • georeferencing of 3D models
  • interoperability of 3D models
  • user interfaces for presenting 3D models
  • user tools for exploring and analyzing virtual environments
  • long-term preservation of 3D models


  • Frischer B. and Stinson, P. (forthcoming). "Scientific Verification and Modelmaking Methodology: Case Studies of the Virtual Reality Models of the House of Augustus (Rome) and Villa of the Mysteries (Pompeii)," by Bernard Frischer and Philip Stinson, forthcoming in the Conference Papers of Heritage, New Technologies & Local Development, The Ename Center, Ghent 11-13 September 2002 International Conference, 20 pp.
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  • Frischer, B. et al. (forthcoming). "The Digital Roman Forum Project of the UCLA Cultural Virtual Reality Laboratory," by B. Frischer, D. Favro, D. Abernathy, M. De Simone, forthcoming in The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, 5 pp.
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  • Frischer, B. (forthcoming). "The Ultimate Internet Cafe. Reflections of a Practicing Digital Humanist about Designing a Future for the Research Library in the Digital Age," written in 2002 and to be published by the Council on Library and Information Resources; 28 pp. in ms.
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  • Frischer, B. et al., 2002. "From CVR to CVRO. The Past, Present, and Future of Cultural Virtual Reality," by B. Frischer, F. Niccolucci, N. Ryan, J. BarcelÚ, Proceedings of VAST 2000, ed. F. Niccolucci, British Archaeological Reports 834 (ArcheoPresss, Oxford) 7-18
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  • Frischer, B. et al. 2000a. "Virtual Reality and Ancient Rome: The UCLA Cultural VR Lab's Santa Maria Maggiore Project," by B. Frischer, D. Favro, P. Liverani, S. De Blaauw, Virtual Reality in Archaeology, British Archaeological Reports International Series S 843, ed. J. A. Barcelo, M. Forte, and D. H. Sanders (ArcheoPress, Oxford) 155-162
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  • Frischer, B., 1988. "Project Cicero," a chapter in the Interactive Multimedia, ed. S. Ambron and K. Hooper (Microsoft Press, Redmond, WA) 145-156, 301-302

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"Sometimes, we are not the first to integrate the fragmentary record of archaeology. When we accept a previous scholar's conjectural supplement, we need to put that on record. Even if we do not agree with earlier scholarship, we owe it to our predecessors and to our users to note and, ideally, to display within our models any plausible alternative views."

Bernard   Frischer
Founder, UCLA - CVRLab

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